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The approach and structure of the conference is unique
The approach at the Lyotalk conference is special and like the way the event is built. It is not the usual event where “I am your supplier and you are my customer where I am trying to sell you my products. Lyotalk is an interactive event where there is a lot of sharing of information between the speakers and delegates to build the knowledge of the market. I met many prospective clients and saw opportunities for us.

There is so much great value and education that is being taught at the event. I am excited to develop my skills, take this knowledge, get better at my work, and apply it to my company. We are meeting new and many people from different industries, learning new strategies; things that I would have never thought of. It is great to learn from other companies in different products, small molecules and biopharma; it is eye opening to new possibilities.

I am a big fan of Lyotalk. It is a global and premier event in Lyophilization. It is a great platform that caters to people who just started in Lyophilization to the most seasoned professionals. It helps us to connect back to the basic science of Lyo to the most advanced knowledge and latest technologies in Lyophilization. It is a great platform for scientist technologists to understand Lyophilization. Keep conducting Lyotalk in the west coast.

Yes it was a long awaited event on my wishlist... Lyophilization is very formulation specific and it's really difficult to find conferences like lyotalk sharing in depth knowledge about lyophilization particularly in India... looking forward to contributing more in this domain. Thank you once again Biotrains #lyotalk

The conference size and environment is right, the participants are able to interact and ask questions. I would like to thank you Biotrains; continue the good work, make the industry better because the patients are counting on us.

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