InstructorArthur Weiss
DateMay 31, 2022 - Jun 1, 2022
Course FeesTBA
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Course Description

Key Topics Covered

Who Should Attend

This is a practical hands on workshop for intelligence gathering using open online sources on pharma/biopharma market and competitors

  • OSINT principles will be introduced – so even when a favored site goes down, the practitioner will know how to find alternatives.
  • Exercises to ensure you can find relevant intelligence. This aspect will be a differentiator from many other OSINT type workshops.
  • Through a series of fun (and challenging) research exercises, attendees will learn how to answer questions that can only be solved through a thorough understanding of a range of online search approaches and techniques.
  • Some of these exercises would be set as “work to be done in between sessions” and the next session would look at and discuss what was found out.
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Business Intelligence
    • Commercial/Customer Insights
    • Strategic Planning
    • Market/Marketing Research
    • Decision Analysis/Decision Support
    • Business Analytics
    • New Product Planning/Development
    • Brand Management/Product Management
    • Marketing, Business Portfolio Planning
    • Strategic/Business Analysis
    • Business Development, Licensing
    • Technical Analysis
    • Portfolio Management/Planning
    • Project Management, Risk Management
    • Research Planning, Research & Development
    • Scientist
    • Legal/Regulatory
    • Outsourcing, Manufacturing